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WitchFyre - Grimorium Verum

WitchFyre - Grimorium Verum

Label : Fighter Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Witchfyre is a Spanish band who delivers their debut full-length with 'Grimorium Verum'. Earlier a 7" EP appeared and a mini-CD. The album was already recorded in 2016 after which the band went to record companies to ultimately find a partner in Fighter Records that releases the album. Mercyful Fate is mentioned as the most important influence of the band and that is partly true. Especially in opener 'Devil's Child' you definitely hear this in the guitar riffs. However, the world record number of riffs per song remains in the hands of Mercyful fate. The band is not there yet. Singer Emi Metal (also active in labelmates Iron Hunter) sometimes sounds like King Diamond, although he sounds less aggressive here and there and that is something that King always excels at. Classical heavy metal on this cd that the fans should give a chance. Be sure to check out the fierce 'Samhain' which closes the CD. Not as good as the Iron Hunter debut but it comes very close.

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