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Haunt - Burst Into Flame

Haunt - Burst Into Flame

Label : Shadow Kingdom Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : In December 2017 I discussed the debuut EP by American band Haunt. Now the first full album is there that contains nine old-school hardrock/metal songs. The difference with the debut is that Haunt has become a real band with Trevor William Church, fellow band member from Beastmaker, guitarist John Michael Tucker, bass player Matthew Wilhoit and drummer Daniel Wilson. At that time I was wondering if the high level of the EP could grow into something beautiful on a full-length album and the answer is a resounding yes!

'Burst Into Flame' is the convincing opening track that makes it clear that Haunt effortlessly continues and even improves the EP's level. Twin guitar melodies, at a nice pace and a great chorus. The voice of Trevor still looks a bit like Ozzy but you can also hear Dave Grohl in it. Just listen to the Foo Fighter like 'Reflectors' where, like in almost all songs, a fantastic guitar solo appears. 'My Mirage' is then a nod to Thin Lizzy. Just like on the EP, production is once again quite bare, but that only gives Haunt's music more authenticity. No bad song on this album and yet I take 'Frozen In Time' out separately. In this phenomenal song you hear all the potential that Haunt has. So it still can be even better than on this debut!

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