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Bonjour Tristesse - Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare

Bonjour Tristesse - Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare

Label : Lifeforce Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : ‘Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare’ is the second album by the German act Bonjour Tristesse. Led by Nathanael who is also active in Heretoir it is hardly surprising that the album shares some stylistic elements. While the first album ‘Par Une Sourire’ was somewhat of a typical depressive black metal album, on ‘Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare’ Bonjour Tristesse is more a post-black metal outfit in the vein of Heretoir, Alcest and Agrypnie. With a sad outlook on urban life and society, there is still a rather depressive atmosphere present in the music, but also there are also outbursts of aggression. The combination of the two approaches works well and the screams by Eklatanz (of Heretoir-fame) glues it all nicely together. ‘Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare’ is more grounded and decidedly more grim than the aforementioned groups and therefore doesn’t feel like an unnecessary addition, but rather the opposite. Dwell in dark metropolitan alleyways, sleep under a cart box and feel all alone among millions other city wanderers with ‘Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare’. An album that oozes urban solitude.

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