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Lipz - Scaryman

Lipz - Scaryman

Label : Street Symphonies Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Back in 2011 there were two Swedish brothers who had the plan to form a glam metal band. The like you would stumble upon on the Sunset Strip back in the eighties. Besides the music, image is also an important part of what makes Lipz tick. That clearly shows in the make up the guys are wearing and the outfits they are sporting on the sleeve of ‘Scaryman’. After an effortless search for a vocalist, one of the brothers, Alexander Klintberg, decides to sing beside his duties on guitar. After releasing a single ‘Ghost Town’ in 2012 and an EP ‘Psycho’ in 2015, the band is now ready to release their first full album.

The introduction of this review already gave away what to expect on ‘Scaryman’. This album oozes Glam on the ten tracks on offering here. The choruses in most of the songs make you hum along almost directly. All this is supported by a enjoyable and heavy production. The information does not stat who is responsible for this. If the band produced it themselves, they did a hell of a job. Same goes for the person who handles bass duties on this album, my guess is one of the members is responsible for the bass on this album. But enough details, it is all about the music. If you are a sucker for catchy rock music with some poppy influences, this album might interest you. Title track ‘Scaryman’ grabs you with its catchy chorus. Other fine examples are ‘Falling Away’ (with a typical Glammy guitar riff) and ‘Get It On’. Only minor letdown is the somewhat simplistic ‘Tick, Tock’. We could have done without that one. This thirty-eight minutes long album is closed with the strong and pulsating ‘Trouble In Paradise’. All in all a nice album to bring the good old days of eighties rock back to you.

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