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Glanville - First Blood

Glanville - First Blood

Label : Fat & Holy Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Demo

Wim S. : When you listen to the first tones of 'First Blood' - a demo by the new German outfit Glanville - you know it sounds promising. Those guitar parts are absolutely delicious! As Thin Lizzy in their best days. Yes, well done. Glanville. Ever heard of them? I do not think so. It is a new band (or project) consisting of befriended musicians from the German metal scene. Philipp Michel and Rene Hofman started with the band, after which some music friends joined. So now there is a new German heavy rock band that is worth listening to.

Former guitarist Hofman is (only) responsible for the lead vocals in Glanville. Unfortunately, he is not a great singer. If he is does not do too much, he is okay to listen to. His voice fits the music and that is an advantage of course. For example he does not do too much in the rather simple, again reminiscent to Thin Lizzy rocker 'Dancing On Fire', that leans on delicious guitars and a catchy chorus (including cowbell!). Nice and exciting is 'Durga The Great' while the following 'Demons' shows the simplest side of the band. Apart from the guitar solo, this last song is not that interesting, because it is a little too simple. Fortunately, the album ends with splashing guitar parts in the beautiful 'Time To Go'. Yes, there are only five songs on this demo so I assume the demo is only meant to do some promo for what else is coming in the near future. Especially for fans of the double guitar work of Thin Lizzy this will taste for more.

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