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Kormak - Faerenus

Kormak - Faerenus

Label : Rockshots Music | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : This bloody hot weather is not very good for my mood to begin with, in fact I turn into an insufferable sorehead as soon as temperatures exceed 25 degrees. Having to review a bit of music that you can hardly stand already definitely does not help things. Kormak managed to get my nervous system to its boiling point. On this debut album we can hear a bunch of collected instrumentation and vocals that have to depict folk metal when put together. From opener ‘March Of Demise’ on, my only thoughts have been “gosh, what a mess!” and that barely improves throughout the album. The music on ‘Faerenus’ is a constant alternation between acoustic passages blackened screaming parties and half gothic over-sweetness. Vocalist Zaira has a very decent screaming throat, but her clean vocals affect my mood even stronger than the weather does. And then this song ‘The Hermit!’ It is 23 minutes long, but 15 of them are complete silence! Yeah, in that fashion, every idiot can fill a CD.

‘Faerenus’ is one big chaos. Sometimes that can be a factor of charm, but this time it is a factor of incompetence in song writing. Very unfortunate, for these five Italians can definitely play quite a decent bit

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