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The Loudest Silence - Aesthetic Illusion

The Loudest Silence - Aesthetic Illusion

Label : TLS Europe | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : At moments I am struggling and struggling with a review. A good album or a really bad one is not that hard to write about, but there are those records that just make it so hard, because your torn between the best and worst of different metal worlds. The Loudest Silence have made just such an album with this debut. An album loaded with a promise for the future. A singer that at moments sings like an angel with astonishing vocal lines, supported by a band that is clearly able to lay down the heavy foundation on which she can excel on. Songs like ‘Wake Up In My Dream’ and ‘Redemption’ are ones that truly belong on a promising debut record. But on the other hand, there are songs on it that, even after trying them for several times, never made it to the end for the skip button was more attractive than walking the whole nine yards, and that is something I rarely do when reviewing an album. Even the eleven minute long epos called ‘Gallery of Wonders’ is one of those songs I just can't seem to sit out in one session. Even with the help of Mark Janssen, the song has a contrast that is just too big for me. It has elements that are truly amazing but they are followed by parts that just do not fit. On the other hand the last part of the song simply is great and Taida absolutely amazing and if you listen to a song like ‘The Loudest Silence’ afterwards you will end with a positive vibe.

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