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Smoke The Sky - The Human Maze

Smoke The Sky - The Human Maze

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This band from Munich was a complete stranger to me. Not really surprising if you realize the predecessor and debut album 'Leave This World Loud' is already six years old. Their second album 'The Human Maze’ is also self-released by the band, but this time they succeeded in reaching Lords Of Metal with their output. So three cheers for the world wide web, for they succeeded in getting me hooked from the first few seconds.

Responsible for this was opening track 'Avoid The Void', which is a seven-minute long kind of rock opera. The intro is a choir with children's voices where after the song shoots forward in a modern thrash metal fashion with slight djent influences. It is full of hooks and sharp riffs that fuck with your head, but also the seventies rock button is pushed regularly. Totally crazy however are the vocal parts. Clean and firm vocals with different voices that tell multiple stories with a returning choir, and you can even hear something passing by that sounds almost like Fred Schneider from the B52's. The result is amazing. It seems to be the work of a slightly crazy but very intellectual band. In successor 'Mephisto' rock, metal and psychedelica meet each other withitn a nice groovy layer full of catchy choruses and nice vocal parts. That keeps repeating itself in 'Skysuckers, Inc.' that rocks away with unique spiritual convolutions. The band continues to produce the one after the other nice song in a very quirky way and no less than sixty minutes long. The last four songs however have been made slightly less experimental, but they let you hear a band that rocks and has the time of their lives. They end with 'Time To Die Again', a big zombie feast. Apart from several kilos of marijuana, this is clearly also an album in which a lot of time and effort has been put, especially in the arrangements. This is music to discover, to surprise you and then party like hell.

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