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Fading Bliss - Journeys In Solitude

Fading Bliss - Journeys In Solitude

Label : Malpermesita Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : While we are overwhelmed by all kinds of sub genres and hypes, it happens to be a real relief to return to the heydays of doom/gothic metal from the nineties. Fading Bliss gives us that opportunity with their sophomore album ‘Journeys In Solitude’. The Belgian band was once founded in November 2009 by guitarist Olivier. His aim was uniting doom and gothic as a tribute to bands such as Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Theatre Of Tragedy. Earlier this was illustrated on the debut album ’From Illusion To Despair’.

Their second album focuses on nature, that’s obvious, with titles like ‘Ocean’, ‘Mountain’, ‘A Forest’ and ‘Desert’: four lengthy compositions. A journey through desolated landscapes. That’s exactly what it is. Right away we dive into the deep with ‘Ocean’, in which repetitive My Dying Bride guitar patterns reign. Juicy growls of Dahl contrast with the angelic female vocals of Mélanie. Thoughtful passages are used versus harsh doom riffs. We climb up to ‘Mountain’ on a bed of calm guitar sounds, classical piano interludes with funeral march rhythms and it goes slowly towards the grand finale. Female vocals are always empyrean, as if they are brought to us from a pulpit in church, soaring above the rest of this sublunary existence. It is always a challenge to come up with a cover, in this case a ten minutes long version of ‘A Forest’ from The Cure, but really that unrecognizable that it turns into true art. Finally we are led away by the ‘Desert’ song, more than a quarter of an hour length. A real wandering through desolate and bitter sounds to the max! This is a serene experience with a lot of depth and absolutely grandiose in all its challenges!

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