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Diamante - Coming In Hot

Diamante - Coming In Hot

Label : Better Noise Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : With her twenty-one years, Diamante is a new face on the rock scene, born in Boston as the pearl in a Mexican/Italian marriage. For this debut she managed to get seasoned producer Howard Benson (Chris Cornell, Kelly Clarkson, My Chemical Romance, Halestorm) on board. It is unknown to me who the musicians are on the album, but musically everything sounds solid and professional. The album has fourteen tracks, including the fifteen seconds long ‘F.L.A.G.’. By the way, the longest song on the album is three minutes and forty-seven seconds. Most of the tracks on the album have enough potency to become a hit. For example ‘Coming In Hot’ (hello Joan Jett) or ‘Haunted’. The latter is a real strong track which has a hang to the harder Pink material. The quite heavy ‘Sleepwalking’ reminds me of Evanescence in a positive way. The songs sound like they were tailor made for the sound and reach of Diamante’s voice. They put some thought in to that for sure. Only the Heart classic ‘Crazy On You’ seems to be a bit out of her league. The ballad ‘Sorry’ is also featured in an Italian version at the end of the album, it does not add that much I think. But in the end, this debut album gets two thumbs up. Hats off to Diamante.

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