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Blasphamagoatachrist - Black Metal Warfare

Blasphamagoatachrist - Black Metal Warfare

Label : Nuclear War Now! Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : This new project is a collaboration between some hooligans from Goatpenis, Blasphemy and Antichrist. So the name Blasphamagoatachrist is kind of an amalgamation of the aforementioned bands. Whoever follows this kind of bands, knows what to expect. Incredibly fast blackened death metal in which the bullet belts and spikes outnumber the intelligible words of Nocturnal Grave Desecrator And Black Winds, the lead singer of Blasphemy, who roars and screams his way through the seven songs on 'Black Metal Warfare'. These twenty minutes outright amok are reminiscent of a rabid bull that is trapped inside a bright red mobile home along with fourteen disabled persons. Fun guaranteed! The militaristic drum salvos do remind me of the work of Goatpenis, although it is The Inciter Of Armageddon, who did shake the delicious 'Sacrament Of Blood' of Antichrist to its foundations in 2011, who is behind the kit. As expected the production is pretty messy, but it is above all the fun that these men have playing this filthy noise that makes this such an animated album. I would say they made a great statement with this tape and so I will be looking forward to their next chaotic achievement.

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