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Iron Hunter - Mankind Resistance

Iron Hunter - Mankind Resistance

Label : Fighter Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : 'Mankind Resistance' is the debut album from the Spanish band Iron Hunter. With opener 'In The Heat Of The Night' it is immediately clear that we do not have to expect innovative things from this heavy metalband. Tasty old-fashioned heavy metal in eighties style is what the gentlemen come up with. Lots of melody, twin guitar parts, up-tempo songs and a singer who has a great voice are the ingredients of this album. The band itself calls Iron Maiden and early Helloween as influences and there is not a single lie in in that statement. Incidentally, you can mention some Metallica influences at the time of 'Kill' em All '. Where these bands could show some highs early in their career, with Iron Hunter this is not yet the case. Although the very fast 'Deathbringer' comes very close to it. Production and mix are well taken care of though the album might have sounded a bit heavier but that is a matter of taste. Very promising debut therefore for Iron Hunter.

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