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Seething Akira - Sleepy Skeletor

Seething Akira - Sleepy Skeletor

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Seething Akira is a band that hails from Portsmouth, in the south of the UK. Even though many bands these days combine several styles within the metal genre and add their own influences and ideas to that mix, it is less common for a band to combine to entirely different genres and make that work, which is exactly what Seething Akira does here. A so called crossover band, they present a very tasty mix of metal and electronics, in a way that is somewhat reminiscent of The Prodigy, but also, to a lesser extent, of Ministry and the 'Host' era of Paradise Lost.

The band has been alive since 2011 and it took them quite a while to release this debut album. Nothing to feel bad about though, because the wait was well worth it. Right after the intro it becomes evident that we are dealing with a band full of energy and power, a band that is not afraid to let pumping, bashing electro beats blast through the speakers hand in hand with witty guitar loops. Most of the songs are up tempo but there is also room for slower, easier parts; just enough to keep the album interesting, but not slow it down too much. The singer does not try to hide his accent at all, and that works really well in this setting. Usually when a native English speaker starts singing, accents and dialects disappear, but not on this album, and it really adds something, making the music sound more unique and a lot grittier.

'Sleepy Skeletor' is the ideal soundtrack to some futuristic, illegal rave party held somewhere on an abandoned industrial area near the harbor, visited by people sporting luminous tattoos, advanced prostheses and other interesting cybernetic implants; a rave party that gets found out by the local authorities and is then roughly interrupted, after which a hard and bloody chase commences through the gloomy, neon lit streets of a bleak, dilapidated metropolis. Yes, I can see it all quite vividly, listening to 'Sleepy Skeletor', the first and very strong achievement of Seething Akira. If you are into powerful beats, mowing guitars and convincing vocals, this is one album you are going to enjoy a lot!

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