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Neorhythm - Zetetic

Neorhythm - Zetetic

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : 'Zetetic' is a very special record. Not necessarily because of the music but because we are dealing with an album that was not made by human hands. No, according to the band's history Neorhythm consists of two alien beings, renegades from the far-away planet of Neuw, who have been traveling through the farthest reaches of deep, dark space on their way to planet Earth. Unfortunately they were forced to make a crash landing that ended them up in Lapland, and now they are looking for help and technological support. This is why they have been sending out signals to Earth's population and leaders, and these signals translated themselves into the ten interesting songs that we hear on 'Zetetic'.

Even though I categorized this album under metalcore, there is a lot to be said about that, simply because we are hearing various different styles put together. Not at all in a chaotic way, the music is clear and easy to digest, solid and heavy, it keeps on chopping straight from opening song 'Molten Mind' on to the last track 'Quintessence', but in regards to musical style I might as well have put this under NU metal or even thrash, to give you an idea of what to expect. In the end, Neorhythm is a very accessible band for anyone who has an interest in metal. The space theme that they flirt with has always been of interest to rock and metal bands, although recently I feel it has had a resurgence. Some of the bands going along with this do not know how to capture the right atmosphere and others manage to do this with finesse, creating a unique atmosphere of, well, organized weirdness. Neorhythm is somewhere between those two extremes: it is anything but a failure, but I feel that with more experimentation they could have more solidly gripped that galactical feeling.

This is why I have mixed feelings listening to this record. It is beyond a doubt a very strong album, but I am hearing a lot of generic metal riffs throughout the journey, and that gives me the idea that the band is playing it a little bit too safe. Each and every time they move away from this safety - for instance with each guitarsolo, because man, they rock at those, but also every time they introduce a darker atmosphere with an original guitar loop - it sounds like they have gotten hold of something no one has ever done before and those times stick to your mind like a tick clamps onto a varicose vein. If they did that a little more often and added some more variation to the vocals, I am pretty sure that 'Zetetic's' successor will be rugged, addictive and very unique.

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