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Spaceslug - Eye The Tide

Spaceslug - Eye The Tide

Label : BSFD Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : When I let my uncle hear the first Death album he was very much surprised at the idea that three young chaps were able to produce that much noise. He had a point. This was before the time of huge walls of sound that bands developed (not that much) later, and even now are able to produce as one man on stage (Syndrome, for instance), and in a way I felt very proud that I listened to a band as interesting as that. And music continues to surprise me because it keeps finding ways to make things tasty. 'Eye The Tide', Spaceslug's new album, to me has a very revelationary effect and I expect I am not the only to feel that way.

Spaceslug is a trio from Poland who released their debut album 'Lemanis' in 2016. This was to be the first one of a musical trilogy. The year after that they released successor 'Time Travel Dilemma' and now, a mere two years after they began, here is the final chapter of that trilogy: 'Eye The Tide'. The striking thing is that Spaceslug has delivered in a very short time span three albums on which all of the material is professional and interesting. The creativity of these guys is huge and they prove this once again on this album.

'Eye The Tide' contains six songs, each of which has a length of approximately ten minutes; it is tempting, looking at the space theme that seems to surround this band, to tell you that they take us on a journey to the farthest reaches of our galaxy, but as a matter of fact I find they actually take us on an inner odyssey to the wide planets in our minds and everything in between them. The band does this by laying down a wonderful combination of musical styles: one moment we are drifting across the laid back waterways reminiscent of certain proto-doombands (like Icecross and Jerusalem), then we are bolting towards omnipresent, heavy stoner riffs to eventually settle down in a mellow, psychedelic landscape. And during our travels we regularly break through the hugely fuzzy sound barrier! Everything here is elegantly fine tuned and that makes sure the entire thing is a pleasant, mind expanding trip. Mind expanding in a way that when you look around you while listening to this, everything will appear more outstretched, far more adventurous and less of this earth.

Spaceslug shows very clearly that they know what they are doing and deliver a grand and unique sound. Mandatory to listen to for anyone with even a slight interest in sludge, stoner and progressive music. I am very much looking forward, even though this trilogy has come to an end, to what these gentlemen will bring us in the future. Their next exploit will be their re-imagining of Pink Floyd's 'Don't Leave Me Now', for the upcoming tribute album 'The Wall', on which the likes of Pallbearer and ASG will also cooperate.

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