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Grim Comet - Metropol Sessions

Grim Comet - Metropol Sessions

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Mini-CD

Cor : The band describes the music as “different”, with a combination of stoner, seventies influences, metal and doom, with names like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Motörhead and Venom as points of reference. My personal first impression dragged more towards a retarded kind of thrash metal, and probably also due to the vocals, a name like Metallica came up. I’m not very fond of James Hetfield as a singer, but guitarist/singer Willy Black succeeds in accentuating everything I dislike in Hetfield’s voice. Some attractive moments can be found in the guitar solos (and I do not mean those “look at me scale race” moments in ‘Inner Halls’), but beside some guitar parts, the music is not very impressive to say the least. The riffs and arrangements are heard before many times, and many times much better. The overall sound is not great, with the drums truly hitting rock bottom; they can really be profoundly annoying. A bit of creativeness in arrangement diversity can be experienced in ‘Virgins Of Madness’ but for instance ‘Path We Ride’ is a simply boring track. If these guys truly like to improvise, like they say they do, this may be interesting when performed on a stage, but listening to this at home is not very exciting, to put it mildly.

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