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Ratbreed - Evoke The Blaze

Ratbreed - Evoke The Blaze

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Ratbreed is a Finnish band with a clear talent for writing a catchy bit of heavy metal. Debut album ‘Evoke The Blaze’ contains nine songs of which the first ‘Escape From The Asylum’ is a lightning-paced speed metal anthem that reminds of ancient Helloween in spite of the female vocals. Those same female vocals also make the materials of Doro come up in the back of the head. After that lightning-paced opening song we continue with ‘Hunting High Reaping Low’, which is a slower and mostly more an in a positive way dragging track. With ‘Decay Of The Mind’ also the lyrics get more interesting. On the whole album there is a good balance between fast and mid-tempo songs, with the addition that the faster ones could be a bit tighter. It seems as if the band sometimes loses itself in trying to race itself out of the race. In spite of this, this is a very decent debut album that will surely appeal to 80’s metal fans. Oh yeah, the album closes with a delicious Warlock cover in the form of ‘I Rule The Ruins’, on which it becomes very clear that the English pronunciation of singer Jasmin needs at least the amount of improvement as that of metal queen Doro herself.

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