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Tenebres - Pain Eternal

Tenebres - Pain Eternal

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Tenebres is a promising band from east Romania. Founded in 2015 and with several line-up changes already, they released their debut album 'Pain Eternal' last October. That title could either be a bit presumptuous or it could hit the nail straight on the head, and in Tenebres' case, it's definitely the latter option: the music, the lyrics and the entire atmosphere show both a professionality and a maturity that make it well worth the title 'Pain Eternal'. None of the conventional genres actually fit this band. It is too symphonic to be named doom, and it is too interesting to be called folk. And then there is also the black metal influences.

A risky collection of styles, but straight on from the first tones it is clear that we are not just dealing with the next in line of a long list of symphonic crossovers. As soon as the sad sound of the cello is joined by that of the bass, the guitar and the drums, and the vocals start screeching through the air like a vampire who falls prey to the light of day, the atmosphere becomes one of calamity and despair, and if that is a thing you like, you would do well to keep on listening. What follows are songs surrounded by a comfortable aura that is literally dripping with sadness. And what else would you expect with titles as 'Reign In Grief' and 'When Life & Death Entwine'. Especially the cello and the sometimes stretched, melancholic vocals are responsible for this feeling of dread, but the piano too manages to put something desolate to it. Add to this the interesting lyrics and you have a combination that is well able to convey the gloomy message.

Each song, and also the entire album, is nice and coherent, but I do think it would benefit the music if occasionally the traditional metal sound would equal the symphonic part. It is absolutely not troublesome the way it is now, but I happen to just also very much love the thunder of drums and guitars. Because of this band's versatility it is hard to compare them to other bands without making an entire list of them, but I would like to carefully call them the lovechild of Cradle Of Filth and My Dying Bride. A wonderful lovechild that, compared to those two titans, is still in its infancy and has a very bright future ahead of it.

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