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Runescarred - We Are

Runescarred - We Are

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Berto : New band Runescarred is a kind of follow-up to Dead Earth Politics, a band that was famous in Texas. Like Dead Earth Politics, Runescarred plays classic heavy metal with a modern twist. There is a lot of attention to song structures with a good build-up and the execution is also faultless. As opener 'A Darker Man' starts with an acoustic guitar, you immediately get an idea of the sound of the band. Not bang in the door like a madman but just open the door using the door handle, just because it is possible and he is there for a reason. What follows is a solid metal song, with vocal lines that are not immediately obvious, but in some way intriguing. The same applies to the riffs, which are not the simplest, but they are still able to sound catchy. 'Ghost Ocean' is the same, a well packaged metal song, which you must first unpack before the true beauty reveals itself. Many riffs and melodic guitar work make this a really cool and really masculine song. 'This Is Mine' has a somewhat higher tempo and can sometimes even be called catchy. Wonderful how the singer executes his vocal lines. It is also the most accessible song on this EP, which in its totality is an excellent introduction to the band Runescarred. Hopefully there is a full album in the near future.

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