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Eversin - Armageddon Genesi

Eversin - Armageddon Genesi

Label : My Kingdom Music | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Italian outfit Eversin this month releases their fourth album entitled ‘Armageddon Genesi’. They still play solid post thrash metal with extremely low tuned guitars and singer Angelo Ferrante who sounds like he’s angry 24/7. In 'Seven Heads' some choruses are spiced up though with some rapping, an thus gets a bit of a nu metal vibe. Unfortunately, all the guitar squeesks and other sound effects create such a dark atmosphere and blunt music that the whole becomes somewhat confusing. It often sounds more like a soundtrack for an post-apocalyptic shooter game than a metal album. Only the two last tracks on this record, 'Armageddon Genesi' and 'To The Gates Of The Abyss', really stand out. The first because of the strong grunt parts, the second because of a total playing time of just over nine minutes with lots of dark but interesting displays of power.

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