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Melodius Deite - Episode III: The Archangels And The Olympians

Melodius Deite - Episode III: The Archangels And The Olympians

Label : Rock N Growl Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : It has been about three years since I was completely blown away by the second album of Melodius Deite from Thailand. So even in these regions of the world they make fantastic metal, quite a revelation! Will this album also be of the colossal quality that was a signature of its predecessor? Let’s listen to what the wise men from the far east have to tell us this time.

The first songs on the album are all named after one of the well-known arch angels, starting with the best-known one, arch angel Michael. On this song it is immediately evident that the band chose a more straightforward approach in their songwriting. Also a change of singers is notable, new vocalist Lean has a more rough voice than the man before him. This moves the centre of gravity of the music from power to more progressive, though tasty symphonies and double bass drums are still all around. Bands that are most notable are still Angra and Symphony X, and especially that second one is obvious during the next two angels Raguel and Raphael. The songs on this album are again fantastic in their arrangements, though the music got more of a story-telling nature. This gives sort of an audio book experience with a lot of atmospheric sounds. On ‘Saint Azreal’, the angel of death, this is done in such an extreme way that the chaos comes in the way of the listening experience. After a short interlude we continue with two non-angel songs, ‘The Lost Tales’ and power ballad ‘Forever (Hades And Persephone)’, which indicates we are moving towards the Olympians part. The closing epos ‘Genesis of the 13 Olympians’ starts with 15 minutes of metalized symphony, and after that the legend is narrated. This narration is in the worst English I have ever heard though, and I have heard some bad English with these tons of Italian power metal the big boss keeps sending me!

Disregarding the pile of no-good at the end, I have been entertained to the max with this, if not only for geographical reasons, very special band. The amount of complex tricks has been reduced compared to the previous album and the music is far more direct. Still, the many layers of music are well preserved and there are countless details to be discovered, keeping the album interesting after multiple spins. So are you a fan of epic metal? Then listen to this thing!

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