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Thunderbird - Thunderbird

Thunderbird - Thunderbird

Label : Delinquent Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Well, there are different ways to bring your new album under the attention. Canadian Thunderbird (or their management) decided to ask known journalist Martin Popoff to write some liner notes for this new, third, album. After reading this, euphoric, piece of text one would be tempted to run directly to their cd player to hear this new revelation of rock. So, the story serves his purpose.

Thunderbird can be filed under the classic hardrock moniker. Thin Lizzy, Motörhead and ZZ Top are mentioned as influences by the band themselves. But, does the story of Popoff connect to the actual music? The song material is competent and same goes for the members of the band. Guitarist Brice Tabish lets his axe wail and squeak in a nice way. From the thirteen tracks, there are some that are standing out. Like opener ‘Liar (Fool’s Gold’), ‘Into The Sun’, ‘Revolution’ and album closer ‘Vampire’. The last one being a seven minute song with some nice string arrangements. The band paid a lot of attention tot the vocal arrangements. Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Bryan Adams en Aerosmith) gave this album a nice, clean production that really suits the music from Thunderbird. Till now I did not know of Thunderbird’s existence. But this album is surely worth your while. Especially if you like classic hardrock. But the story Popoff wrote is a bit too much. But, in the end, the album is good enough to convince.

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