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Tara Lynch - Evil Enough

Tara Lynch - Evil Enough

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Tara Lynch is an American female guitar player, singer and songwriter, who brings her debut album to market with this independent release ‘Evil Enough’. Despite of the fact that this is the first sign of life under her own name, she still has found a number of very well-known musicians to cooperate with her on this record. As such singer Mark Boals, drummers Vinnie Appice and Glen Sobel, bass players Phil Soussan and Bjorn Englen and keyboard players Tony MacAlpine and Brent Woods have contributed to ‘Evil Enough’, while Tara was responsible for the guitar parts and the (female) lead vocals.

The title track ‘Evil Enough’ start the album in a mighty fine way and immediately it becomes clear that Tara knows how to write a good tune. Lovely, heavy but still melodic riffs are prominently present here and singer Mark Boals is doing a great job on this strong track. Also ‘Antidote’ is a very entertaining song, but as a matter of fact that can be said of the complete album, because also tracks like for instance ‘Trustless’ and ‘Banished From My Kingdom’ sound great. Tara has chosen to include four instrumental songs on the albums as well and, although they radiate pure class all over, I think that’s a little bit too much. Of course her qualities as a guitar player are expressed very prominently on tunes like ‘Exit The Warrior’ and ‘Enigmatic’, but I personally would have rather heard a couple of songs with vocals.

That doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this Tara Lynch debut album can be categorized as well succeeded, because the song material is of a high quality level as is the excellent performance thereof. With ‘Evil Enough’ this lady has laid a good foundation to further build her musical career.

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