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Nereide - Nereide EP

Nereide - Nereide EP

Label : Karma Conspiracy Records | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Job : Nereide hails from Italy and once started as a soloproject by guitarist/singer Roberto Spels. In 2016, a bassist and drummer joined and from then on the band was complete. This debut EP is the result of many years of hard work and what’s on it isn’t really special. I know I’m bringing this very bluntly, but almost everything on here has been done before and better at that. The sounds, based on Scale the Summit, post metal and some post black never really grabs the listener by the throat as much as it should. Sure, the blast beat in ‘Mindful’ might sound mean but it comes out of the blue so much that it really loses all impact. The screams in ‘Surmise’ might sound cool, but they’re underused in other songs. Speaking of vocals, I would’ve much rather have more cleans instead of the off-putting whispering and moaning that’s on half of the record. Not all that great, to be honest.

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