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Eskhaton - Omegalitheos

Eskhaton - Omegalitheos

Label : Lavadome Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : A squealing guitar and a superfast drum salvo are the starting signals for the third album of the blackened death metal horde Eskhaton. No unnecessary intro on this beast. I missed their previous album from 2014, but I remember their debut ‘Nihilgoety’ from 2011 as being feral, barbaric, chaotic and asphyxiant. On the new record, 'Omegalitheos' their sound is heading in the same direction, but the atmosphere is even darker and more hostile, the guitars are roaring lower and the vokills sound even more disgusting than before. Teitanblood and Portal are some bands that also produce this kind of noise, but ‘Omegalitheos’ is more complex than the works of Teitanblood and less experimental than Portal’s stuff. Maybe the faster work of Impetuous Ritual is the closest thing to this wall of sound.

From the opening track 'Relic Of Mictlantecuhtli' to track number fourteen ‘Kimah Kalu Ultu Ulla’ this is a chaotic mess with a blistering atmosphere and it is so heavy that you end up with severe epigastric pain. Devastating solos explode out of nowhere and disappear back into thin air, while drummer Militiarkh, also a member of Vahrzaw, whacks his guts out on what seems to be a granite drum kit. Whoever wants his death metal fairly simple and straight to the point could well end up with an instant case of indigestion after listening to 'Omegalitheos', but whoever wants to experience the birth of of a child of Mitochondrion and Ævangelist should not miss this mastodon. I am pretty sure I will not miss this chaotic greatness!

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