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Cancel - Dark Reveries

Cancel - Dark Reveries

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Cancel is a punk / hardcore band from Switzerland that was founded in 2011. If I’m correct (but correct me if I’m wrong), the band first operated under the Cancel The Sky moniker. Their discography consisted of ‘Our Hearts’ (MCD, 2012) and ‘Circle’ (full-length vinyl album / CD, 2015). Now they have shortened their name to Cancel and their first self-released full-length entitled ‘Dark Reveries’ sees the light of day. For ordering info check the Bandcamp profile.

I always love checking out new or unknown bands and I adore self-released and D.I.Y. stuff because it’s fun, it’s limited and it comes very close to what the artists really intended musically or visually without interference of a record company or management. ‘Dark Reveries’ has become a good “timestamp” of what Cancel is capable of. They play a Pantera-esque form of straight to your fucking face hardcore with some melodic parts. These chaps are quite good and they deserve a big “thumbs up” with this one.

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