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St. Madness - Bloodlustcapades

St. Madness - Bloodlustcapades

Label : Nasty Prick Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The American band St. Madness has already been active since 1993 and with this new record ‘Bloodlustcapades’ they’re already up to their meanwhile eleventh studio album. Still I had never heard anything from this band before and based on what I’ve heard on ‘Bloodlustcapades’ that certainly is a pity, because the St. Madness song material is absolutely worthwhile listening to. Luckily all their previous releases are still obtainable, so that this gap in my collection can be closed relatively simple.

Style-wise St. Madness is very hard to categorize and as such that’s also the charm of this band. They mix traditional heavy metal with thrash and groove metal, while they also don’t shy away from incorporating rock ‘n’ roll, country and southern rock influences when appropriate. What becomes very clear though when you’re listening to ‘Bloodlustcapades’, is that the band has a lot of fun in what they’re doing and really try to entertain the music fans. It has to be said that they succeed very well in doing just that, because both concerning image, artwork and music they have their things in order. The music is nicely raw, uncomplicated and at times quite aggressive, which accounts for a very positive listening experience.

The album contains thirteen tunes, of which especially ‘Day Of The Dead’, ‘Don’t Be Like The Blind’, ‘The Arrogance Of Man’ and ‘King Of The Dawn World’ stand out in a positive way, but also the other songs on offer are of a fine quality level. Even the two covers that are to be found on ‘Bloodlustcapades’ (‘Folsom Prison Blues’ of Johnny Cash and ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ of Elvis Presley) have undergone a true St. Madness treatment, which make them sound really fresh and energetic. If you like raw, well executed and varied metal you should absolutely give this St. Madness a chance, because this ‘Bloodlustcapades’ record has indeed become a very nice release.

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