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Little Dead Bertha  - Age Of Silence

Little Dead Bertha - Age Of Silence

Label : SoundAge Productions | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : From time to time the Russian band Little Dead Bertha crossed our path, more precisely the CD of 2005 ’Way Of Blind’ and a first cassette that was re-released but you better avoid that. This band has been active since the nineties and you still hear that. Nothing wrong with that, everything is properly rendered on their sixth album ‘Age Of Silence’, but the formula is really worn to a thread right now.

The gothic metal with symphonic arrangements is presented on this album in eight self-written compositions and two covers. Harsh vocals of Dmitriy Zamaruev – low-ranged grunts as well as blackened screams – are always replied by operatic nightingale chants of Svetlana Galushko who is also the wife of the guitarist. Thus we get an amalgamation of death and black metal, smoothened by symphonic layers and in ‘Storm’ even any avant-garde influences. Drama and grandness are prominent. The whole thing rocks quite smoothly, it sounds energetic, but we could not find any own input at all. It is fine that it happens in Russia as well, but that’s all we can say about it. Two covers – ‘No Time To Cry’ of Sisters Of Mercy and ‘Devils Diner’ of Lake Of Tears – prove that the band still holds on to the nineties. Again nothing wrong with that, but the female vocals are sounding that sterile that we almost fell asleep. Just stereotype craftwork and copycats…

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