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Antipeewee - Infected By Evil

Antipeewee - Infected By Evil

Label : This Charming Man Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : The fact that Germany is a big cradle for good thrash metal bands is not secret with bands such as Kreator, Destruction and Sodom on the forefront of the European thrash movement. However, the number of fresh bands in recent years are beyond count and I personally think that it has become very difficult these days to find a band that really captivates my attention on the long term, so I quickly revert to old classics. But possibly the Bavarian Antipeewee will change that with their third album that will be published on June 29th through This Charming Man Records.

On ‘Injected By Evil’ the four men and one lady sound more mature and structured than ever. Lyrically they concentrate, as in the past, very much on the writings of the master of myth: H.P. Lovecraft, but where the interest mainly was about Cthulhu in the past, it now shifted towards the dark and demonic theme of this literary genius. The choice for these rather unique, yet interesting themes in thrash metal is the trick to stick out of the amount of thrash metal bands nowadays. In combination with the almost barking punk-directed vocals of Singer PeeWee, the twin-guitar melodies of guitarist HardCora and JogiDestructor and the rhythm section that stands as a wall they convince me with an awesome piece of music. So if you are looking for some pretty cool thrash metal be sure to check out Antipeewee.

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