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King Heavy - Guardian Demons

King Heavy - Guardian Demons

Label : Cruz Del Sur Music | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Earlier King Heavy released an EP and a debut album, which even seduced us to debonair conversations with this doom metal collective hailing from Chile with eccentric Belgian vocalist Luce. The new album ‘Guardian Demons’ has a proper instrumental doom foundation, but vocal-wise it slips into weird eccentric areas. To be honest, this goes way too far. On former releases the vocals were already a matter of ‘love it or hate it’, now we can simply state that Luce is singing out of tune. It is a pity, but we cannot ignore that. We tried to find the charm of it during several spins, but our first opinion stands like a rock in the sea: Luce should do better!

It might be true that music has to be a kind of freeing your demons, but this catharsis does not go anywhere. This will result in less fans and appreciation. The proclaiming style is a true challenge for every singer, and only few manage to come away with that. Otherwise it just gets pathetic. Unfortunately this is the case on this album. I am truly disappointed, this is going nowhere. Even the rejoicing ‘Doom Shall Rise’, a festival which stood on the cradle of the formation of the band, cannot give us any solace. That’s a shame, since earlier works were way much better. Well, I give them a second chance with next album… but this one… no, thanks…

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