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Hidden Intent - Fear Prey Demise

Hidden Intent - Fear Prey Demise

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : It's been no less than four years since I had to write a review of 'Walking Through Hell', the debut album from the Australian powertrio Hidden Intent. A pleasant surprise because the head office often skips me when it comes to reviewing thrash albums. And trust me: Hidden Intent sure plays thrash music. And after four years they still do.

Yes, they still play old school thrash. In the tradition of bands like Exciter, old Anthrax. We no longer hear the high shrieks of roar by Chris McEwen (you know, a bit Toxic-like), who in fact sings an octave lower than four years ago. But the fun these guys have while playing still remains. And it still rattles a bit. The men lack the technical baggage to be able to drive in the middle of the road at high speed if you know what I mean. But that is not disturbing, on the contrary. The moments the band take their foot of the pedal, ('Waiting Here In Hell', 'Apocalypse Now') are in fact the worst songs of the album in my opinion. That proves once again that the band really should have that raging enthusiasm. Like in the ultra-fast 'Eternal Rest'; they press the pedal and go! Every now and then you hear some things in the choruses that remind of bands like Prong or Biohazard; then you have the urge to start jumping. While in the closing 'Imminent Psychosis' we hear nice guitar playing by Phil Bennett. And so we must conclude that there still happens quiet a lot on this album by the thrashers from Down Under.

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