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When Reasons Collapse - Omen Of The Banshee

When Reasons Collapse - Omen Of The Banshee

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : With ‘When Reasons Collapse’ this French band releases their second album. They have been part of the French scene since 2008 and have already played about two hundred live gigs. And that shows because they sound like a well-oiled machine. Musically they play melodic metalcore, with a piece of djent and mathcore thrown in here and there, so it sounds extremely modern. But it are still the fine guitar lines that dominate. There is plenty of room for intelligent breaks and together with the melodic aspect, that blunt and brutal of the real deathcore band is absent, making it quite accessible. Reading the biography I learned to my surprise that the vocals were done for by a woman. And believe me, that is something I never would have guessed. The lady in question can roar and grunt like a well gifted male. Songs like 'Sirens' or 'The Raven' are top of the bill in this genre, so I would say that fans of metalcore, deathcore, death metal and other extreme niches in general will probably enjoy this.

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