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Acracia - Vendetta

Acracia - Vendetta

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Demo

Koen B. : Basti Ruppert (vocals), Piet Zimmermann (guitars), Andy Zimmermann (bass) and Max Meier (drums) are Acracia, a band from Germany that debuted with ‘Hellga’ (EP, 2011), which was followed by ‘Rise Of The Phoenix’ (EP, 2013). Now their first self-released full-length album ‘Vendetta’ is out. Follow this link to order Acracia’s stuff. That is of course if you like their music. If it is up to me, I unfortunately cannot recommend this one. Why? Well… Although the band started about nine years ago, Acracia’s music still sounds very amateurish and I don’t think they’re all that good. The musicians are mediocre and the singer sounds like the pre aborted bastard child of Rock ‘n Rolf Kasparek (Running Wild) and Marc Storace (Krokus) mating with Thorsten “Toto” Bergmann (Living Death). There are some nice ideas and tunes on ‘Vendetta’ but the album is just too inconsistent and weak to have any sort of lasting impact on me.

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