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Label : Freya Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : uNKH is a Dutch four-piece band that plays old-fashioned progressive rock. Old-fashioned in the sense of seventies progrock; the time that bands like Gentle Giant, Genesis and Yes were the dominant acts. The time of epic long songs, of instrumental powerhouse. uNKH wants to join that musical segment in 2018. On this album 'iNNERVERSE' there are only five tracks, but the last song ('Dreamcatcher') clocks twenty minutes.

Yes, in many ways we hear the typical 70s ingredients. Take opener 'Paranoid Void'. A song that recalls the work of a band like Camel, but less exciting. The song consists of a few parts, but they take too long to really keep you interested. That's too bad. If this song had lasted seven minutes instead of the ten minutes it takes now, it would have been much stronger. The guitar parts of Maarten Peerlings sound very nice and also the keys of Jeroen Habraken may be heard. The piano piece that opens the next instrumental track 'Deep' is particularly beautiful. And when the guitar of Peerlings comes in, it only gets better, although this intro also lasts a bit too long. As far as I'm concerned, the middle piece speaks less to the imagination, but the track is getting stronger again with fine ELP-like keyboards towards the end. Vocally the band does not impress, which becomes clear in a song like 'The Showcase', which is not such a strong song anyway, with the exception of the strong second part. Very old school also sounds 'Slumber', a sort of intro to the magnum opus of the band, the aforementioned 'Dreamcatcher'. In these twenty minutes the band pulls out all musical registers. She does this partly convincingly (the mysterious intro, the guitar work) and partly less strongly (the vocals, less interesting parts).

uNKH has been around for a couple of years now, without actually getting popular to a bigger audience. That will have its causes. The fact is that in 45 minutes of 'Innerverse' I hear a very strong symphonic rock for at least half an hour.

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