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Muon - Gobi Domog

Muon - Gobi Domog

Label : Karma Conspiracy Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Bam! Let that bass rumble. After the superfluous into called ‘Intro (I Feel Doomed)’ the bass really comes in hard with ‘Neverborn’. Muon claims its purpose is to generate dreamlike visions, apocalyptic premonitions and hermetic revelations through riff doctrine, frequency manipulation, volume barrage and… and… and… blab la bla… So, many beautiful words. When you listen to it all there is indeed a barrage of volume, but the riffs don’t really deliver a doctrine and the frequency is only slightly manipulated. Okay, now it all sounds really negative. Musically it goes down really nicely the fuzzy sludgy stonerish heavy psych-like doom Muon delivers. The vocals can be a stumbling stone for some. The mostly come across as a mix of Cathedral’s Lee Dorrian and Lord Vicar’s Chritus Linderson. It all rocks along nicely, but unfortunately never really sticks. All adequately performed, absolutely, but I miss the hooks that nestle themselves in your head. If the band manages to discover those on a following release it will instantly become a lot more interesting. All I can do now is wait in anticipation.

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