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Incorporea - To Exorcize The Sun

Incorporea - To Exorcize The Sun

Label : Vertebrae | Archive under black metal

Release type: 7"

Marcel H. : Is it doom, is it black, is it black doom, is it doom black? After several listening sessions I suppose it is black in its foundation with quite some doom poured over it. ‘To Exorcize The Sun’ by Incorporea from Spain is a 7” consisting of two songs that, together, clock in a little over twelve minutes. Opener ‘Carved In Paroxysmal Void’ almost seven minutes and ‘Frigid Caress Of Ivy’ on side B a tad over five minutes. Incorporea keeps it short and concise for this kind of music. They possess the art to keep it interesting and also see to it that some riffs nestle themselves in your head. That is especially the case with ‘Caress Of Ivy’ where the guitar tone and riffs are, in the distance, reminiscent of Katatonia and Paradise Lost. I also discern old Forgotten Tomb influences in both songs. Given the direction Forgotten Tomb has moved towards, I can only be very glad with that.
‘To Exorcize The Sun’ has turned into a pleasant acquaintance with Incorporea. I am very curious if the band will manage to continue along the lines that have been set into motion on this 7” on a future full-length album.

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