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Heroes Don't Ask Why - Sound Of A Broken Heart

Heroes Don't Ask Why - Sound Of A Broken Heart

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Mini-CD

Wim R. : Finnish rockers Heroes Don’t Ask Why are around since 2015. Nucleus of the band are the cousins Jussi Pjunpää (vocals and guitar) and Matias Kanuasvesi (guitar). The band likes to call their kind of music ‘Divorce Rock’ (hey, that’s a new one). Reason for this is that their lyrics are mainly about heartbreak and somber subjects. Well, that is a lot of fun.

Titles like ‘Poisoned Well’ and ‘Twisted Paradise’ proves this. This is the second EP release by the band, called ‘Sound Of A Broken Heart’. The album has nice artwork. Again, this is a band who does not share that much information about the band, It surprises me every time. But, internet saved the day, so there is some information found to be shared with you. The overall sound is a bit somber and the guitars tuned low. Their music has those significant Scandinavian elements ; big choruses supported by keyboards. The sound is big, clear and wide, thanks to a really good production job. It is a modern metal album. Musically and with their compositions the band ticks all the necessary boxes. Singer Jussi Pajunpää has a more than decent voice that suits the music fine. The seven songs on offering are varied. Aforementioned tracks ‘Poisoned Well’ and ‘Twisted Paradise’ are pretty fast and strong enough. Title track Sound Of A Broken Heart’ is a mid-tempo affair that has some single potential. Guitarist Matias Kanuasvesi lays down some nice and strong solos throughout the songs. Best track is ‘My Dear Friend’, that has a really great instrumental middle piece. After hearing this EP, Heroes Don’t Ask Why seem to be ready for a full album release. This EP shows that and the potential the band has. It will certainly appeal to those who like modern metal.

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