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Carrion - Time To Suffer

Carrion - Time To Suffer

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : The Belgian Carrion releases their second album with 'Time To Suffer', after their debut album 'Revelations' from 2012. There is a huge gap between the two albums, but that is only too be considered wasted when the end result is disappointing. And that is certainly not the case with 'Time To Suffer', at least if you like death metal with a nice groove and do not shy away from a little bit of grindcore. Comparisons with compatriots Aborted are then quickly made, but completely miss the mark, in the sense that this album is powerful enough to acquire a place in album listings for 2018 on their own merit. From fast to medium tempo, the groove and the riff always are at the forefront with the strong voice of Sven van Severen as added value. 'Supreme' and 'Mutilation' are the first songs that have the aforementioned characteristics and are a good start of the album (just after the aptly titled intro 'And So It Begins'). All nine full songs on this album are actually a reminder of why death metal is actually so good. A heavy riff, a nice groove and powerful rough vocals that puts the hooks in your flesh and takes you on a trip. Up and down, as if you were possessed by a slamming virus, you close off with 'In The End There Is Only Death' and if the hooks are removed and you come to rest you just want more. And that is the power of death metal and the power of Carrion.

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