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BornBroken - The Years Of Harsh Truths And Little Lies

BornBroken - The Years Of Harsh Truths And Little Lies

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : The Canadian band BornBroken knows how to create a nice mix of the styles that matter nowadays. Death metal, thrash metal and metalcore with a decent groove are all equally represented on their new album 'The Years Of Harsh Truths And Little Lies'. This in itself is already worth a compliment, because many a band does not get the balance of their influences right.

Opener 'Empty Souls' reminded me of 'Fast As A Shark' by Accept, where a yodel record is roughly cut short and the scream of Udo and the guitars of Wolf give you goose bumps. BornBroken does the same thing here, but then they start with a song from the old box of the forties, I think. Very effective indeed. ‘Torn’ and ‘Whitewashed’ have a kind of annoying rapping lyrics that does not agree with me and brings the nu-metal genre back to mind and almost made me enjoy tonight’s dinner all over again. Too bad, but otherwise the songs are pretty good with their metalcore breaks and nice groove. 'No Stranger To Failure' is another great song with a heavy riff, but here again the feeling prevails, and that is actually the case on the entire album, that the balance (also because of clinical production) has turned out in favour of brutality and power and less for feeling.

This makes 'The Years Of Harsh Truths And Little Lies' an ambivalent album, because if you need a good portion of brutality you can easily choose this record and you will have demolished some things by the time it finishes but if you want something more and really want the music to take possession of you and plant his hooks in your flesh, then this album is just a little too smooth and modern.

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