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Souls Of Deaf - Fortune Favors The Bold

Souls Of Deaf - Fortune Favors The Bold

Label : Rock Company | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Dutch traditional metal band Souls Of Deaf originates from 2015 when bass player Sander Stappers started to write the songs which are now to be found on this debut album ‘Fortune Favors The Bold’. In guitar player Luc van Rens, drummer Carl Vereijken and singer Francis van der Hoff he found the necessary like-minded souls and with that Souls Of Deaf was a fact. After a limited number of rehearsal sessions at the end of 2017, the recordings for this album were started in early 2018 in the Toneshed Recording Studio and a few months later the result of this effort can be obtained via the Rock Company record label.

As stated earlier the band plays traditional heavy metal and they clearly got their inspiration from the eighties, although it has to be said that the album has quite a modern sound. The music of Souls Of Deaf reminds me quite a bit of a number of (big) British bands from the eighties and that makes ‘Fortune Favors The Bold’ quite an interesting album. Furthermore you can hear that we’re dealing with experienced musicians here as there’s nothing to complain about the concerning the instrumental element that’s offered here. At first I had to get used to the voice of singer Francis van der Hoff however, but after a number of listens my initial scepticism started to disappear and I could really appreciate his vocal contribution.

The whole album is quite consistent concerning quality level, but in my opinion especially tunes like ‘Adrenaline Takes Control’, ‘Forwards You Move’ and ‘The Subject Of Your Crime’ are good examples of what this band is capable of. The record is a very solid affair, but is not able to stand out from the crowd yet in the overflow of releases that we’re faced with nowadays. To achieve that the band will still need to grow, but ‘Fortune Favors The Bold’ is at least a good first step in that growth process.

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