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Dare - Out Of The Silence II

Dare - Out Of The Silence II

Label : Legend Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : It’s really hard to imagine that the Dare debut album ‘Out Of The Silence’ already dates from the year 1988 and as such was released about thirty years ago, because the album still sounds fantastic and is truly a timeless effort. Band leader and singer Darren Wharton has now re-recorded the complete album and as a result the record has taken on a new life in his own words. The result of this effort is now obtainable under the title ‘Out Of The Silence II” and is just an essential purchase for every A.O.R.-fan (even if you have the original record already in your collection).

Compared to the 1988 album Darren has, with the help of guitar player Vinny Burns, drummer Kev Whitehead, bass player Nigel Clutterbuck and keyboard player Marc Roberts, added some more Celtic influences to some of the songs and given the album a somewhat heavier and fuller sound. That accounts for the fact that the already very strong song material sounds even a tad better than on the original album and that you will be captivated from start to finish by the fantastic musicianship of the band in general and the awesome vocals of main man Darren Wharton in particular.

Classic tunes like ‘Abandon’, the catchy ‘Into The Fire’, the homage to Phil Lynott ‘King Of Spades’ and the unbelievable beautiful ballad ‘Nothing Is Stronger Than Love’ are presented in a great way, but the fact is that there’s isn’t a song to be found here that can’t be categorized as truly great. The song material was and still remains of an outstanding quality level and Darren once more proves to be a very talented vocalist. In 1988 ‘Out Of the Silence’ was already an awesome album and anno 2018 that certainly also accounts for this ‘Out Of The Silence II’.

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