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Chinawhite - Different

Chinawhite - Different

Label : Rock Company | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Dutch symphonic metal band Chinawhite was already founded in 1987 and is therefore already active for a large number of years in the circuit. My first acquaintance with this outfit dates from 1992 when their second demo ‘When Dreams Unite’ was released and back then I was quite impressed with that they had to offer on this tape. Also the in 1997 released mini-album ‘A Dragon’s Breath’ was really to my liking, but after that for whatever reason I kind of lost sight of the band, until more than thirty years after their foundation this new album ‘Different’ is going to be brought to market.

Style-wise the band is still to be categorized as melodic metal with some symphonic influences and after listening to ‘Different’ you can do nothing else than conclude that they meanwhile know how to write great tunes. The creation of the album has known quite some difficulties, judging the fact that they already started the process right after the release of predecessor ‘Challenges’ (from 2009) and that it took them about nine years before this record actually sees the light of day. There are lots of reasons for that, but most important is that the band has had the perseverance to finish the album and actually release it, because ‘Different’ is absolutely very worthwhile listening to.

In Phil Vincent Chinawhite has a fine singer which can handle the melodic material very well and that accounts for the fact that songs like ‘Kiss Of Fire’, ‘Wings Of The Wind’ and ‘It Means Nothing’ to name just a few sound great, but also from an instrumental perspective they have their shop in order judging both instrumentals ‘Or The Same’ and ‘Thank You And Goodnight’. The album sounds surprisingly fresh and proves that Chinawhite is still capable of delivering a great record. Anybody that digs high-quality melodic rock with some symphonic influences, should definitely give this ‘Different’ record a chance. I’m quite convinced that just like me you will be convinced of what Chinawhite has to offer.

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