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Lucifer - Lucifer II

Lucifer - Lucifer II

Label : Century Media | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Lucifer is a European band with the sensational Johanna Sadonis as frontwoman. They present to us their second coming, 'Lucifer II', a record that will hit you like some kind of retro nuclear bomb. On this album we find the perfect balance between catchy ballads and classic rockers.

I say classic because it is quite evident that what Lucifer is trying to achieve is a seventies rock sound, and they manage to do that quite effectively whilst at the same time holding onto their own original sound. Innovative, even, by using among other things some more modern metal influences and occasionally a heavy dose of rock 'n roll. And so we go from one song to the next, always in the accompaniment of Johanna's more than pleasant vocals and a very strong instrumental section. Ranging from simple rock to a sludgy song like 'Eyes In The Sky', where at a certain point we hear a very strong, Priest-ish acceleration, and eventually to the very doomy sounding 'Faux Pharaoh'. From the straight in your face rock of 'California Son' to the far more emotional songs 'Reaper On Your Heels' and 'Before The Sun'. Because of a personal preference for downtuned, dark tunes I would like to say: stick to songs like 'Faux Pharaoh', but that would be a waste of the band's natural versatility, a very strong quality!

Although this album sounds a lot more polished than everything that was done in those rugged seventies (probably because of today's more modern equipment), each song sounds as if it was thought up in the studio and played immediately. This is raw, authentic and vintage.

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