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Marenna - Livin' No Regrets

Marenna - Livin' No Regrets

Label : Rock Company | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : There is a lively melodic rock scene in South America, and some of these bands can be found in Brazil. Marenna is one of the more known names, and the release of this album through Sony Brazil proves just that. The band apparently thought the time was right to release a live album after two studio albums, so her it is in the shape of ‘Livin’ No Regrets’. The thirteen songs (leaving the intro out) were recorded in 2016 in Caxias Do Sul. The production was handled by guitarist Arthur Appel, resulting in an honest sounding album. My only criticism is the somewhat flat drum sound, especially the snare drum. Marenna is strongly influenced by big names like Journey and Bon Jovi, and the members know how to handle their instruments. One thing that becomes clear though when listening to this album is that most of the songs have the same structure and pace. ‘Semi ballad ‘Come Back’ is the only exception on that rule. Frontman Rod Marenna has a suitable voice for this kind of rock, but he does sound a bit instable on some tracks. Between songs the singer talks to the audience in Portuguese, so this is only enjoyable for those who master the that language. Best song is ‘Keep On Dreaming’, this tune has the most variety. But honestly I doubt the added value of this album. Fans may have a nice document in their hands of their favorite band, but ‘Livin’ No Regrets’ will probably not reach anyone outside their current fanbase.

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