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Hound - Settle Your Scores

Hound - Settle Your Scores

Label : Metalville | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : After the release of two EPs, Germany’s Hound makes the big leap to a full album release, entitled ‘Settle your Scores’. The band was founded in 2014 and has been touring Germany quite intensely. Resulting in a good reputation as a live band if the bio is to be believed. The, quite young, band plays a cross between Classic Rock and Stoner Rock. There was more than enough inspiration, resulting in twelve songs on this album. The Hammond organ is a prominent factor on this album. Another prominent factor are the vocals from Wanja Neihe. His voice slightly (and I mean slightly) sounds like Geddy Lee (Rush). His high pitched, and sometimes a bit unstable, voice will not be appreciated by everyone is my guess. It is a big contrast compared to the quite heavy sound of the music. Another noticeable factor is that it is sometimes difficult to follow the lyrics. The band does have some more up tempo songs, like ‘Not At All’ and ‘Girl’ it gives the album the variation it needs. ‘The Poacher’ is one of the better songs, with its doubled vocals and tempo changes. ‘Flesh And Bone’ is the most mellow track. Hound released a decent album. But if the band works a bit more on the vocals, more stable and well pronounced, it will surely improve the quality of future releases.

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