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Blood Worship - Death's Omnipotence

Blood Worship - Death's Omnipotence

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : The currently unknown and very recent band Blood Worship releases its debut EP, called ‘Death’s Omnipotence’. The band is a project of Astrophobos guitarist Martin Andersson. He asked his partner in crime from Astrophobos, Mikael Broman, to do the vocals and in David Folchitto (live-Fleshgod Apocalypse) he found a perfect drumhead basher. There were four songs recorded for this twenty minute EP. Blood Worship plays black metal based on the Swedish school with its melodic choruses, but there are also death metal influences present and not only when Broman transforms his typical black metal scream into a more death sounding grunt. The double bass drums of David are incredibly fast and the guitar work is excellent. The four songs have their own identity and even their own style, making it look if Blood Worship has not yet decided which direction they will follow in the future. For me it is simple: 'Shadows Etched In Stone' is by far the best song: they took out the speed, but the evil-sounding riffs remain and I recognize a bit of Satyricon in the slower parts and a splash of Watain in the insane finale. I don’t know if Blood Worship chose their band name by combining the first words of the first two records of Samael (Worship Him and Blood Ritual), but that might well be the case. Anyway, ‘Death’s Omnipotence’ is a nice start for this new death/black metal outfit, so definitely check it out I would say!

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