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Stormzone - Lucifer's Factory

Stormzone - Lucifer's Factory

Label : Metal Nation Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : With this sixth album, the northern Irish band Stormzone proves to have become a solid cornerstone in the metal world. The band has played with the likes of Stryper and Saxon and also they played at the grand Wacken. With five excellent albums on its name, the metal machine around John "Harv" Harbinson (Sweet Savage) rumbles on without mercy and now there is this sixth album ‘Lucifer’s Factory’. Since the fourth album, new guitar player David Shields brought along some more complex elements to the Stormzone songs and this trend is continued on the new album.

Anyone who has enjoyed the last album ‘Seven Sins’ will be able to appreciate ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ in the same way. The CD opens strong with the power metal breathing ‘Dark Hedges’. The following title track has a darker nature and has a tasty groove. ‘Cushy Glenn’ tells the story of the murderer with that same name, and despite the sinister topic this is a very uplifting song. Also this is the real NWOBHM track on the album with Hary’s typical vocal lines. The smouldering riff of ‘Albhartach’ is reminiscent of the newer work of Saxon, while the more subtle guitars in the harmonic ‘Broken Window’ is pushing the song more towards Queensrÿche. In fact, the closing power ballad ‘Time To Go’ might be the only song here not worth your while.

Stormzone has never released a weak album and fortunately this did not happen to them on ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ either. Fans of traditional heavy metal that do not shun a little complexity and variation do not have a single excuse not to listen to this excellent album. So when is this large-scale breakthrough coming?

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