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Fred Mika - Withdrawal Symptoms

Fred Mika - Withdrawal Symptoms

Label : Rock Company | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Fred Mika is drummer of the Brazilian band Sunroadand ‘Withdrawal Symptoms’ is his first solo album. The vocals are being handled by different vocalists, of which Michael Voss and Carl Dixon are the most familiar names. Mika brings us eleven AOR songs. It is not bad at all, but fails to really convince, as the songs are not that strong overall. Some of the vocal performances lack quality too. Main example are the horrible, screeching vocals in ‘Miss Misery’ by André Adonis. The man is the lead vocalist in the band Sunroad, for which Mika is the drummer. Adonis also handles all guitar, bass and keyboards on this album. The acoustic ‘Sharppia’ is performed by him alone. Makes you wonder how much of a solo album this really is? But that is the choice Mika made. Best song on the album is the oddly titled ‘Saints Spirits & Slaves Sinners’. This song is sung by Rod Marenna, lead singer of the band Marenna. This song is the most coherent and convincing. Mika did his utmost best to release a strong solo album. Unfortunately, the albums lacks quality in songwriting and performance.

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