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Tad Morose - Chapter X

Tad Morose - Chapter X

Label : GMR Music Group | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : This is one of the most difficult reviews from my journalistic career. Tad Morose has been one of my favourite power metal acts for twent years. The band has always been able to release great, entertaining, varied albums. As extra insurance these albums were always provided with fantastic vocals.

'Chapter X' is the significant title of the new album. And contrary to the previous material, I was not immediately overwhelmed. That is because of the vocals. Has a moderate singer been attracted than? No, by no means. Ronny Hemlin has a good, powerful voice. But the use of it is somewhat bothering me. The vocals and melodies sound and feel like a clammy, complacent blanket. An ailment that Nevermore also suffered from. This is the case in every song with the result that the whole album seems to appear as a long, nasty, lament. The power of the album seems therefore to be tucked away. took quite a long time for the power of the album revealed itself to me. So you have to be patient. The first couple of times I listened to the album, I thought everything was very similar, which is mainly related to the vocals and melodies. The emotions therefore also look very similar. I needed at least six spins before I really could make out the individuality of the songs.

The metalhead with patience however eventually is enriched with a very solid power metal album. The big advantage is that it takes considerably longer for this to get boring. The music is of the heavier type, not so sweet as Kamelot or film music like Rhapsody. The tempo is quite high and the sound is heavy. The album has a heavy, pushing and compelling character. In the end I am therefore more than satisfied with what these Swedes have delivered. Recommended listening: 'Turn To Dust'.

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