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Marduk - Viktoria

Marduk - Viktoria

Label : Century Media | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : As with many Marduk albums, the new 'Viktoria' also deals with the theme of War. Many songs describe moments from the Second World War, like 'Narva', about one of the bloodiest battles on the Eastern Front. The concept fits perfectly with the fast, raging and sometimes (in the slower songs) enormously threatening sounding music of the band. That threat comes out nicely in 'Tiger I' for example, but the album starts with the short, fierce song 'Werwolf', also launched as the first single. New in the sound is the 'choir' in the chorus, which sounds like a number of possessed bats. 'June 44' is a typical Marduk song, changing in tempo and with a sick but flowing guitar line played over the tight drums. This album also offers enough variety and is therefore also a typical Marduk album. Short and fierce in 'Werwolf', changing in tempo throughout 'June 44' and slow and doom-like in 'Tiger I' and 'Silent Night'.

The band has been going for almost 30 years now and the experience radiates off the music and that also explains the variation in songwriting. Every known ingredient is present again and makes ‘Viktoria’ an album with a distinctive Marduk sound. The question that you can ask is whether those different elements, in their drive to make every album sound different, have not developed too far. Is 'Silent Night' not too slow, making it drift away from what Marduk does so strongly on a song like 'Wartheland' from the previous album 'Frontschwein'? Is 'Werwolf' not too simple, despite those weird bats you hear? If you ask me, I think this is just another strong album from Marduk, with elements that will not appeal to every fan, but it also has enough songs that are at the same high level as any other song from the large catalogue they have built. And an album that is not debated, with strong opinions positive and negative, is an album that is quickly forgotten and that will not happen soon with this one. 'Viktoria' may not be the best album in the history of the band, but it is an album that will have people talk about it.

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